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Elio Ticca is an artist working with painting, sculpture and installation. Ticca inquires the relations between historic and contemporary artistic languages, matrix and copy, authenticity and fictionality, merging surrealism, pop aesthetics and magical realism. With a process of camouflage and re-creation, his work aims also to inquire how the representation of affect can be visually deconstructed. Re-narrated under new forms, the work is for the artist a meeting point for an empathic encounter with the viewer.  He lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.


IUAV University of Venice, Italy
BA Visual and Performing Arts


University of Leeds, School of Fine Arts, Histories of Art
and Cultural Studies, United Kingdom
MA History of Art


Art-T – School of Performing Arts, Brussels – Bruxelles
Professional course in Art Therapy

2022 – 2023
Ecole nationale supérieure des arts visuels de La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
Agrégation – Teacher Training Certificate for Upper Secondary Education (visual arts)


Public collection of the municipality of Neoneli, Sardinia, Italy (2017)



Interface HUB/ART: Elio Ticca & Mary della Giovanna.

Exhibition catalogue, Milan, 2017


HLWM, Belgium: "Mannelijk naakt is nog altijd een taboe in de kunst - Male nudity is still a taboo in art" (NL) (2023)

BRUZZ Belgium: video interview by José Huedo (EN, FR, NL) (2022)

Take it Artsy, online podcast, by Sofia Paggioro, online on Spotify (IT) (2021)

Cagliari Art Magazine, Italy: interview by Francesco Cogoni (IT) (2019)



Saints & Sinners

Chapel of Grand Hospice, Brussels, Belgium

Curated by Colm Mac Athlaoich

Elio Ticca – Le temps théorique

Spazio E_EmmE, Cagliari, Italy

Curated by Anna Oggiano – exhibition text by Shoshana Walfish

Elio Ticca – Vacanze Romane

Chapel of Grand Hospice, Brussels, Belgium


Tales from the Inside Out: Lost in the Mirror

Group show – Co_atto, Porta Garibaldi train station, Milan, Italy

Curated by Marta Ossola Sironi

Trauma Fauna
Group show – Shame Galllery, Brussels – Brussels, Belgium

Curated by Nathan French


Elio Ticca – Ringkomposition 
La peau de l’ours gallery, Brussels, Belgium

Elio Ticca – A room, a kitchen, dishes, light 
Ballon Rouge Collective, Brussels, Belgium


Elio Ticca – Bloody Cheque
Curated by Anna Oggiano
Spazio E_EmmE, Cagliari, Italy

Fiber Art Biennale of Sardinia I
Curated by Baingio Cuccu and Anna Rita Punzo
Murats – Fiber Art Museum of Sardinia, Samugheo, Italy

Elio Ticca – Finestre Veneziane – Venetian Windows 
Arte Laguna Prize – Business for Art award
Tessiture Bevilacqua, Venice

Elio Ticca – Zefiro Torna
VisionOttica Ticca, Ozieri, Italy



Elio Ticca – Collateral Solutions 
Casa Manconi, Nuoro, Italy

Le Donne, I Cavallier, L’Arme, Gli Amori
Group show – Curated by Anna Rita Punzo and Ivo Seraino Fenu 
Pinacoteca Comunale Carlo Contini, Oristano, Italy


The Contended  Witness – Elio Ticca & Mary Della Giovanna
Curated by Giulia Blasig  Interface HUB/ART,  Milan, Italy

Felure/Failure of the Matter
Group show – Curated by Giulia Blasig and Arthur Fogel – Tailleurs D’Images, Brussels, Belgium

Group show – Curated by SCENE – Ian Law and Anna Hastings  70 Paul Street, London, UK

Congiunzioni Festival
Group show – Festival of visual and performing arts
Curated by Gianluca Asmundo and Maria Grazia Galatà,  Venice

Zoom Zoom Fest, Festival of visual and performing arts 

Group show – Curated by Serena Luce
Padua, Italy


Elio Ticca is a contemporary artist working with painting, sculpture and installation.  His work aims to investigate how the representation of affect can be conceptually and culturally deconstructed, as well as narrated in new plastic and visual forms.

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