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wall paintings


Ticca reimagine pre-exhisting spaces under a new light, reinterpreting the tradition of the fresco as a new conceptual form of decoration.     
Each wall painting reconfigures the architectural space, providing an illusionistic result with a trompe-l'oeil effect. Interiors are turned into outer spaces, where landscape painting meets architecture, and the rooms of a building ideally communicate with nature and atmospheric phenomena.

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wall painting.jpg

Add Light I, 2021.
Acrylic paint on wall, 520 x 330 cm

wall painting.jpg
add light 1.jpg

Add Light I, 2021.
Acrylic paint on wall, 520 x 330 cm


Tales from the Inside_Out: Lost the Mirror, 2022.
Site-specific installation, acrylic paint on wall, 520 x 330 cm.
Milan, Italy, Porta Garibaldi train station, September – November 2022.

Elio Ticca is a contemporary artist working with painting, sculpture and installation.  His work aims to investigate how the representation of affect can be conceptually and culturally deconstructed, as well as narrated in new plastic and visual forms.

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