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Elio Ticca – Vacanze Romane

Chapel of Grand Hospice, Brussels – April 2024


Referencing Roman archaeology and architecture, from mosaics to temples and public baths, Ticca’s series blends Grand Tour reveries and homoerotic subjects, landscape painting and sculptural nudity, shuffling all at once sport scenes and Graeco-Roman mythology, the underground of Brussels and historical artifacts. 


Ticca’s evocative, nostalgic and dazzling works are embedded within the space, creating an ideal bridge between the past and the now, a lost Arcadia and mundane contemporary materialism. Inscribed in the frame of the chapel, his work pursues the search of an elsewhere that can be found here, now, and every day, playing with the fetishization of the past and popular culture, the full Southern sunshine, and the chiaroscuro of North Europe. Eventually, a tongue-in-cheek irony meets with a contemplative amazement, drifting far in holiday memories.

Reversed Antidote_smaller df.jpg
Sweating pipes_cropped.jpg
Cuddles in the sun_cropped.jpg

Elio Ticca is a contemporary artist working with painting, sculpture and installation.  His work aims to investigate how the representation of affect can be conceptually and culturally deconstructed, as well as narrated in new plastic and visual forms.

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